Painting MDF

We're often asked for tips regarding painting MDF, so we hope you find this useful!

There are many different paints you can use on wooden craft products, from tester pots from diy stores to higher quality artist acrylic paints and acrylic spray paints.

The majority of our products are made from Medite MDF which has a smooth surface and is one of the easier materials to paint to get a really smooth finish. When painting our plywood products you would need to use a primer first.

1) MDF is really porous, so it is best to use an MDF sealer before painting:

  • An MDF Sealer such as 'Rustins Quick Drying MDF Clear Sealer' is readily available and can be apply straight from the can.
  • There is also Gesso which is commonly used by artists.
  • Standard PVA glue, mixing it two parts of PVA to one part of water will do a similar job.

2) Lightly sand once the sealer has dried completely.

3) Apply a second coat of sealer if required.

4) Lightly sand again with a finer grit sandpaper after the second coat of sealer has dried completely.

Brush Finish:
5) Apply acrylic paints with a brush or small roller.

6) Allow to dry completely between coats.


Spray Finish:
5) Acrylic spray cans can be used to give a nice smooth finish; lightly apply and gradually build up the colour to avoid drips between coats.

6) Allow to dry completely between coats.

7) Once painted you can then apply further decorations.

8) Finally, you can apply a light coat of spray lacquer over the top to seal your project. Make sure that you allow the paint to dry completely before beginning this stage to prevent bleeding and crackling

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