The reason it all started

The reason it all started; well to tell the truth it was hopefully to save some money. You see I have a wife that loves crafting, and unfortunately who also loves Amazon.

Crafting gives her that space where she can escape and just enjoy creating something from nothing. She loves to get away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes life is just too fast and this allows her to slow down for a bit and recharge.

We used to have a dining room, we now have a beautifully well stocked craft room, it has everything you would need to create any craft project - well that’s what I thought! But my wife always seems to find something else on her favourite craft site or on Amazon, that she absolutely needs to add to her ever expanding craft collection.

this used to be out dining room
Our dining room
the work table 
The dining table
I’m sure that many of you will understand where I’m coming from, it doesn’t matter how many craft products: pens, inks, paints or stamps that a crafter has, there’s always something else that will attract the eye of a crafter.

Then there’s the annual craft shows, a way for admiring and viewing new ways to create a wide selection of crafts (and more spending).

The bay window

So to get back to the point of saving money, I thought that instead of my wife buying all her craft plaques, letters, shapes and anything wood from craft sites, shows and online, I could save some money and make them for her. It would also give us a shared interest where we could design and create whatever she wanted, well that didn’t work!

I came to understand that a crafter, well my wife anyway, she just wants to sit down and craft, she enjoys shopping for crafts as much as she enjoys making things. It’s all part of the enjoyment: shopping, searching through craft sites, visiting craft shows and creating.

So the end result is our new business ‘Family Crafts’, we looked around and saw there was competition but what we did notice is that most companies offer a simple design. We want to offer something that was more personalised, something just for you.

With that in mind we have tried to offer variations is size, shape, wording and we also offer a bespoke service were we will look at creating a special personalised design based on your individual requirements. We want your purchase to be a little bit special, so we aim high and deliver the best service and products that will meet your crafting desires.

Have a look around our online shop, send us your comments and feedback and help us make Family Crafts the first place you think of for all you future craft projects.

New products are added weekly so if you don't find what your looking for, drop us a request and we'll be happy to help.

Family Crafts

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  • Alex Mcnamara On

    Excellent service and great website i could not be happier with the products I have received and at the price the products cost it’s very cheap for the items you receive 5star rating and more

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